The world’s largest offshore Wind Farm

The world’s largest offshore Wind Farm

Published on September 7, 2018 ·         C

It was pleasing to see the worlds largest Wind Farm opening off England’s North West Coast on last evening’s BBC news.

Senior company managers came across from Denmark to explain how such a mega project was delivered and shows just far the energy transition has come as a former oil and gas company seizes the global offshore wind opportunity

The reporter walked the blades at the marshalling yard and marvelled at both their size and the engineering underpinning them and their centrality to a project of this scale.

This may interest readers:

Managing Risk in Offshore Wind Projects

As with London Array before it, the Walney will doubtless by superseded by another ‘world largest, in the near future – but let us reflect again on how far the UK has come in the last two decades and hope that this remarkable success story is one which continues to flourish.

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