BOEM California Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force

Another engaging session with my friends at BOEM as the focus moved from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Coast and opportunities off the California coast.

There’s a renewed sense of purpose evident in BOEM as they assess the US potential for offshore renewables, and in particular, offshore wind.

The day long Intergovernmental task force session took a deep dive into the region in providing an update as to where it is now, and some of the challenges and opportunities emerging within it.

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Director Amanda Lefton outlined five key points

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·      Climate Threat

·      Jobs Well paying unionised supply chain

·      Scientific underpinnings BOEM critical role in facilitating    

·      Robust engagement including first nation

·      Transparency

The session focussed on the West Coast and especially the frontrunner area of 399 sq miles at Morro Bay. Recent wild -fires led Governor Newsome to write last week and call for an acceleration of the energy transition and it is pleasing to see the Defense department bot engaging and supportive of the wider aspiration as areas are proactively de-risked.

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Offshore development areas are being refined and extended and Clarifying Questions and Answers collated. BOEM stress that interested individuals will be provided an opportunity to ask clarifying question on the topic of the OCS Wind Energy Leasing process in California.

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A lively question and answer session addressed questions consultations, community benefits and further exploration of supply chain and local opportunities and a hope that the US’s stop start offshore wind journey may now be gathering momentum.

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