BOEM Gulf of Mexico: Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Task Force


The Gulf of Mexico is being assessed for its renewable energy capability and it is good to take part in the inaugural task force session refining the way forward for the region.

BOEM assembled an impressive array politicians key stakeholders and those wishing to input their expertise as the US takes advantage of recent global developments in the offshore wind industry.

During the course of the discussions comments ranged from the criticality of jobs and opportunities for host communities, local content, stakeholder input and encompassing aspects such as green ammonia and hydrogen.

Technical considerations above and the realities of developing an offshore wind sector in the Gulf of Mexico below

Political developments have added impetus to the United States offshore wind industry and BOEM is clearly following the best- practice in early de-risking and facilitating cooperation amongst agencies as pioneered by the Crown Estate in London Offshore-wind-round-four-bidders-day.

Offshore Wind opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico is up and running and I’ll be tracking developments closely. Feel free to join me at the Offshore Wind and Hydrogen Professionals Group.

On 7 July this potentially significant development was published in the trade press: