Energycentral – a top voice for 2020

The Energy Central Team wanted to recognize the members on Energy Central who went above and beyond—frequently sharing news and content, reliably starting conversations across the site, and providing genuinely high-value contributions. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a voice of 2020 and happy to answer a couple of their questions:

What topics do you hope to read/write about more in 2021?

“I’ll be writing more on green hydrogen and offshore wind next year for EnergyCentral – with perhaps more emphasis on regeneration opportunities for ports and remote communities.”

What’s something that your fellow community members might not know about and would surprise them?

“I was a writer and television researcher and involved with some hard-hitting subjects. I went after Josef Mengele for example and interviewed some his survivors, I spoke with the former Mrs. Mengele. I recently helped Professor Marwell in last years’ book – and do gain a mention in the credits”

When you’re not espousing thought leadership in the utility sector, what are your favorite ways to unwind and pass the time?

“I’m a qualified soccer referee, coach and radio commentator and enjoy kicking a ball around with my lad in the garden. Pre lockdown I was enjoying reffing and playing the relatively new ‘walking football.’”