Five key takeaways from Global Offshore Wind 2018

Five key takeaways from Global Offshore Wind 2018
Published on June 21, 2018

My visit to this year’s Global Offshore Wind conference proved to be an enlightening and encouraging experience with a host of significant standout signals of intent to give cheer to the UK offshore industry:

1 UK Government engagement is evident and ongoing; Cabinet Minister Claire Perry is prepared to challenge the industry, but recognises its benefit to the City of London and the UK’s pivotal role in the global economy. For offshore veterans like myself fingers are crossed that the nascent Industrial Strategy may offer defined encouragement to a rapidly growing sector

2 Evidence of innovation was everywhere; from the massive blade pinned to the exhibition hall wall, to an impressive array of drones capable of providing an ever-increasing range of activities for operations and maintenance, it is clear why costs are tumbling. I particularly enjoyed a chat with the CEO of a company who, with the backing of a couple of my former big 6 companies is taking a radically different approach to wind energy using kites

3 Further conversations with key figures within the Crown Estate (both London and Edinburgh were represented) showed a determination to talk with industry early on and to make the future process transparent. They wish to do the right thing for everyone and the UK will clearly continue as a crucial market for offshore wind development

4 The ‘global’ title lived up to its billing; I saw groups of delegates from Europe, from the far East and especially from America, engaging with and learning from, the UK experience.

5 The extent of supply chain involvement – surveying companies, safety clothing makers, interactive mapping technologies, right through to component and turbine manufacturers were all present and in significant numbers. It led to a vibrant and upbeat atmosphere and an industry ready for a quantum leap forward towards a transformational future.


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