Five standouts from All Energy 2018

Charley Rattan

Charley Rattan

Renewable energy troubleshooter

  1. Offshore wind is transforming the UK energy supply with realistic ambitions to have 30 GW installed by 2030 – a five-fold increase on the current position – and a target of 50 GW by 2050.
  2. Floating wind has a most promising future – the industry needs scale for standardisation and economies but the operational site off Scotland is producing remarkable results that have exceeded expectations.
  3. The offshore wind industry is set to go global; first stage developments in Taiwan and the USA are being replicated elsewhere, with India now looking at a 60GW target.
  4. Cost reductions continue; projects constructed by 2023 are likely to cost up to 60% lower than those currently being built out due in part to larger turbines and a likely switch to DC technology.
  5. The start of reducing the carbon footprint of the gas network by increasing the use of hydrogen is within sight. This transformational process will utilise existing infrastructure making it particularly attractive and efficient whilst minimising the impact on existing industry.

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