Floating Offshore Wind: The Business Briefing

This case is available online with remote face to face tuition.

Floating Offshore Wind: The Business Briefing

Plan today, to embrace tomorrow’s opportunities from floating wind projects

A time-effective guide for key stakeholders

A 1-day business-focused seminar giving a clear understanding of Floating Offshore Wind: the opportunities; its current status; the deployment challenges; its associated innovations & supply chains.

Course Summary & Key Features

A clear and business-friendly introduction to the technology and infrastructure requirements, policy and commercial activities, market opportunities and competitive positioning issues around floating offshore wind. Designed for business developers, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders seeking a commercially-focused, clear language overview of this fast-emerging sector.

Among the topics covered in this time-effective one-day briefing will be:

·         Floating wind technology status: pilots and projects

·         Design & energy production

·         Cabling & grid export issues

·         Market applications and potential

·         Policy & regulatory issues

·         Project development & risk

·         Planning & permitting

·         Supply & value-chain changes

·         Integrating associated technologies, such as storage

This case is available online with remote face to face tuition.

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