Floating Wind and Hydrogen for the Celtic Sea

Two high level strategic sessions in the space of three days for yours truly following Tuesday’s Holistic Network Design  City of London seminar. This time it’s a focus on Floating Wind and hydrogen and scrutiny of a potential generating future of the Celtic Sea.

The Crown Estate is taking a realistic financial approach to the process with, for example, cut offs for cable routes at 200km.

Their team took us through something of a pictographic journey and I include a couple of the keys ones here:

2035 delivery timeframes underpinned the process with addressed constraints including:

  1. Site conditions and associated financials
  2. Anchoring conditions
  3. Sea state
  4. Moorings
  5. Levelised cost of Energy (LCOE) 

Some tight timelines but a logical iterative process as The Crown Estate engages with stakeholders in a logical and effective manner

The stepped approach enabling the supply chain to engage and to grow accordingly.

Enter Floating Hydrogen

Hydrogen is integrated in the strategic process with 1GW sized proposals already in the public domain with London firm Source Energie and multinational ERM Dolphyn will collaborate on the project, which will use floating wind turbines to produce green hydrogen rather than electricity.

Technology from ERM Dolphyn combines electrolysis, desalination and hydrogen production on a floating wind platform, with hydrogen transported to shore via pipeline.

Known as ‘Dylan’, the site is located approximately 60km off the Pembrokeshire coast, west of Milford Haven. The companies said the site, which could open from 2027-28, has good energy generating conditions, with average wind speeds of above 10m/s, strong expansion potential, and several viable pipeline routes to areas of existing and growing demand.

Dolphyn Hydrogen Phase 2 – Final Report

A lively question and answer session ensued, addressing various design envelopes and parameters for developers.

Queries around favourable sites not yet worked up, fishery sector concerns and, as we heard on Tuesday the integration of grid.

Grid anticipate the regional build out in the Holistic Network Design documentation, note the planned spur from South Wales towards Cornwall.

Stay informed through me and with a community of over five hundred sectoral experts and stakeholders: Floating Wind and Hydrogen