Green and Blue Hydrogen: Developing the Global Supply Chains and Creating Global Energy Hubs


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Sharing thoughts on offshore wind and green hydrogen with the global community.

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The Brazilian gas industry looks set to restructure itself for the expansion into a modern liberalised market, embracing competition and looking to make the business significantly more cost effective.

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By doing so, it can grow, and gas can become a larger part of the country’s energy mix together with the renewable potential. Petrobras looks set to change its traditional business and through divestment along the supply chain and reinvestment more in the upstream.

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New players to compete in gas distribution and transmission and sales to end users are expected to develop quickly to fulfil the liberalization and open exciting business opportunities for investors and companies around the globe.

The region is also seeing new opportunities in the sustainable energy market opening with renewable sectors such as wind, solar and hydro providing the perfect platform for Brazil to become a global green hydrogen exporter. Additionally, Brazil’s gas potential will offer massive opportunities to export, decarbonise the internal market and to produce blue hydrogen within the global energy transition context. The exclusive Masterclass will provide participations with key presentations from global experts and in-depth review of topics in the new gas and renewable energy market in Brazil and LATAM.

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Topics will include:

• Outlook of Brazil’s Natural Gas Industry within a Regional Context • Brazil’s Evolving Energy Sector: Natural Gas Market Reforms & Regulations • Brazil’s Pre-Salt Field Blocks: Upcoming Opportunities & Challenges • Renewable Energy: Policies, Frameworks and Commercial Business Models • Financing Brazil’s Gas & Renewable Energy Market Revolution • Power Sector Opportunities, Networks and Linkages with Regional and Global Supply Chains • Gas & Renewables Infrastructure Developments in Brazil and LATAM 

Green and Blue Hydrogen Developments: Developing the Global Supply Chains and Creating Global Energy Hubs

·      Creating Hydrogen energy hubs in Brazil: becoming a glob al exporter

·      Opportunities for green hydrogen development in LATAM

·      Integrating hydrogen regional and global networks: expansion, retrofitting & developing new infrastructure

·      Hydrogen developments and cost lowering: Brazil & LATAM status

·      Hydrogen applications to decarbonise Brazil’s& LATAM heavy industry

·      Next hydrogen mega projects and announcements

Keynote Address

Senior Representative, Ministry of Energy, Chile

Rosilena Lindo, Undersecretary of Energy, Panama


Felipe Bayon

Chief Executive Officer


Charley Rattan

Hydrogen, corporate advisor and broker

Charley Rattan Associates

Ing. Alejandro Stipanicic

President, ANCAP Uruguay

Senior Representative ENGIE

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Why not join me and key stakeholders at the Hydrogen for Brazil Professionals Group

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