Hydrogen Safety

Hydrogen safety training

Running: 9 10 March and 20 21 July

Hydrogen projects are starting to enter the public domain; at the latest reckoning I counted over 50 major projects and it is vital to remember the basics i.e. is it safe?

Safety is always the top priority for major projects and given the gas’ explosive past is of particular concern for hydrogen developers, with many countries seeking world leadership in a sector set for major growth, it is vital that we get it right. In the UK the first milestone has been passed with the success of the University of Keele’s Hydeploy 1 project which has proven that it is both possible and safe to inject up to 20% hydrogen into a private gas grid.

Although this is a promising start there is still significant work required on the health and safety side and a real lack of appropriately informed training and support. Following enquiries from global developers looking for safety-focused support, I developed a training and consultancy package designed to meet the specific safety needs of the burgeoning hydrogen industry.

My expert team comprises forward-looking health and safety professionals with backgrounds in real-world project delivery within the UK and beyond for utilities and oil and gas majors. We have utilised our unique combination of knowledge and expertise to develop a much-needed package of support that takes a best practise approach to meeting current regulation and offers a real solution to the present lack of appropriate training and support.

The package is primarily aimed at those oil and gas majors and global utilities that are leading the charge towards a hydrogen economy, it can be delivered in person or remotely and is easily tailored to individual needs. Existing clients have welcomed our offer and we now wish to make it available to all.

We are happy to chat through how we can help so please get in touch. If you are interested in learning more about hydrogen safety join the Hydrogen HSE  for business professionals group.

Download course details below:

I’m also leading ‘An Essential Guide to Hydrogen Safety’ for Informaconnect as a two day course in March and July with Coeus Energy. The brochure can be downloaded;

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