Hydrogen Technology, Economics & Business Models

The concept of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy source is nothing new. Industry executives globally expect hydrogen to be a significant part of the energy mix by 2030 and are heavily investing in the hydrogen economy. That said, there are a number of technical and economic challenges that need to be understood and overcome before hydrogen can be fully realised as a major contributor to energy consumption and reducing global carbon emissions.

After considerable market research, this Hydrogen Technology, Economics and Business Models Masterclass has been developed to deep dive into best practices and solutions around hydrogen technology’s technical challenges in and around production, storage, compression, infrastructure, distribution, transmission and applications.
It will also look at the various the latest technological & engineering solutions, hydrogen project business models, economics of hydrogen, how you can effectively commercialise it, risk management aspects, cost-benefit analysis of hydrogen and fuel cell technology so that you can you can efficiency adopt and apply hydrogen technology into your operations.  

Through case studies, practical insights and actual project experiences, Charley Rattan’s Global interactive 4 day masterclass on Hydrogen Technology, Economics & Business Models Masterclass, Live Online, will cover all of the above and more to provide you with information that can really help you in your day-to-day work.

Through case studies, blueprint presentations and interactive discussions, we are committed in providing you with only practical and implementable solutions that can overcome your biggest challenges in hydrogen technology adoption and project implementation

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10 Key Benefits of Attending

  • Gain a clear understanding of hydrogen production, processing and storage technologies
  • Find out in detail about hydrogen transmission, distribution and transportation systems and process
  • Learn how you can ensure the development and application of hydrogen is economically viable to your operations
  • Comparing hydrogen to other conventional energy sources both technologically and economically to ensure you adopt the right option and strategy
  • Evaluating the value chain of hydrogen production and the various business models you can utilize
  • Overcome key practical delivery challenges facing clean hydrogen projects
  • Hear lessons learnt and case studies globally about hydrogen projects so that your operations are successful and sustainable
  • Learn about Hydrogen Fuel Cells and their applications across industry verticals
  • Find out about hydrogen’s future outlook and make a strong business case for hydrogen adoption


Industry Participants who are looking to improve their knowledge on hydrogen technology, economics, business models & applications including the following: 

  • Power & Electricity Companies 
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Renewable power project developers
  • Natural Gas Producers
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Carbon Capture Technology Companies
  • Industrial Hydrogen Users
  • Industrial Gas Providers
  • Low Carbon Heat Producers
  • Electrolysis Technology Developers
  • Fuel Cell Developers
  • Gas Distribution Network companies
  • Government officers & policy makers involved in fuel cell/hydrogen/renewable energy projects
  • Renewable energy investors & fund managers
  • Energy regulators & Ministries
  • Transport Operators (such as Ports & Airports) involved in Storage Or Usage of Hydrogen
  • Power project contractors, operators, and equipment suppliers