Offshore wind and hydrogen conference

Offshore Wind and Hydrogen

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 “Green Hydrogen from renewable” 10th December 2020.

The main objective of the event is to exchange experience of experts from many countries to define barriers and the possibility of implementing green hydrogen on the Polish market. We will discuss the barriers, the most important challenges and the potential of hydrogen technologies implementations. During the event, we will show experiences from existing foreign investments as well as present the opinions of experts.

Webinarium CBE Polska o zielonym #wodorze: wygraj wejściówki!

Christian Weinberger, Hydrogen Coordinator, European Commission

Jean-Marc Leroy, Wiceprezes wykonawczy ds. stosunków zewnętrznych, Grupa ENGIE

Marco Binotti, Dyrektor projektu BIONICO

Lincoln Bleveans, General manager, Burbank Water and Power

Adwin Martens, Director Hydrogen mobility project, WaterstofNe

Charley Rattan, international hydrogen and offshore wind energy advisor

12:45 – 13:15 The development of offshore hydrogen production

  • Challenges and opportunities – ‘Air to Gas’ the integration of offshore wind and hydrogen
  • The coming hydrogen economy: What is it? How will it be implemented?
  • Supply chain – electrolysers, other equipment and services needed, where and when?
  • Route to market – who to talk to, how to do business, engaging with the industry
  • Overcoming the hurdles to market entry


Charley Rattan, international hydrogen and offshore wind energy advisor

The agenda will include:

  • Regulatory, economic and environmental aspects
  • Potential and types of technology
  • System efficiency
  • Examples of existing implementations
  • Financing of investments

The event is suitable for:

  • heating and combined heat and power plants
  • renewable Energy Industry
  • gas Industry
  • producers and suppliers of technological solutions
  • designers and contractors of projects
  • engineering companies and research units
  • representatives of industry organizations and administrators

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