Protest and ‘planning for clean energy and a low carbon economy.’

A curious day which started out as a routine meeting at the County Hall in Preston as to what what’s going on with the climate agenda in Lancashire and the North West and: ‘planning for clean energy and a low carbon economy.’

Manchester mayor Andy Burnham today announced an aspiration for Manchester and Liverpool take a lead as the north-west-prepares-pitch-to-become-uk-low-carbon-industrial-cluster. Manchester is heading towards zero-carbon-manchester-how-get-2038 within two decades and Liverpool fosters similar ambitions.

Lancashire’s offering, as I learned this morning, is much more conservative, with a narrative focussing around energy efficiency targets and isolated initiatives rather than matching their close neighbour’s world- leading ambition.

As I left the imposing the Edwardian building it was to be greeted by a bunch of good- humoured students and younger people imploring that climate change be addressed. I was proffered a microphone and took it to took to state that although I may possess a greying head of hair these days I have been fighting that same cause for over 15 years- and that their voice would be heard. I thanked them for engaging and bothering to make their voices heard.

Let’s hope for the younger generation that Lancashire engages with the wider North West aspirations and with the ‘clustering’ principles proving so effective at great-grimsby and Humberside. There is an opportunity there to be seized for all our futures.