The UK energy transition and your company

The UK energy transition and your company:  Manchester, July 10 2018

Manchester has signed up to aggressive carbon reduction targets by 2038 and your company’s energy usage will be impacted.

Are you prepared as fossil fuels are phased out?

Can your company gain advantage?

De-Risking the energy dilemma for your company a one-day course cost £150

By the end of the day you will:

  • Know what renewable energy is
  • Know why renewable and zero carbon energy is so important to your business

Understand the various technologies:

  • Wind, Biomass, AD, Solar, Geothermal? Hydro?
  • Batteries and fuel cell storage
  • Renewables v cleantech

Understand why action needs to be taken now?

  • The Zero Carbon Agenda Manchester by 2038
  • Integrating renewables and mainstreaming
  • The impact of the changing energy landscape for UK companies
  • The impact for supply chain 
  • SME cost but also opportunities
  • UK industrial strategy, sector deal and regional initiatives Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire
  • CSR – RE 100

Be aware of opportunities

  • The bottom line for business

Know the next steps for your organisation?

  • Early adopter advantage
  • Hedging
  • Sustainable business growth
  • UK 2050 target
  • GMCA 2038 target
  • New regulations 
  • Air pollution, city transport charge


  • Becoming a prosumer: Assessing your business; roofs, land, EV’s PPA’s
  • Learn about grants and support for business

The next steps: closing actions and potential for business networking