Road Map to a US Hydrogen Economy

Milestones are set out in a 4 part plan.

12 Key elements are:

·        Employment and economic growth

·        Grid balancing and storage

·        Transport including busses, HGV’s and rail

·        Residential and commercial fuel

·        Hydrogen is already used for example as already a feedstock for ammonia

·        Aviation fuel feedstock

·        Can help as a reducing gas metal and cement industries

·        Currently hydrogen is mostly used in refining process

·        Steam reforming to green trajectory

·        The US Pathway is technology agnostic report, so long as hydrogen production is sustainable

·        Long term storage is geographically well placed and often near to hydrogen for ammonia sites making it very amenable

·        14 % of US energy requirement will be met if the roadmap is followed

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Projected growth of the US Hydrogen economy

The Road Map is available at: