Summary & key features

What to expect

  • A clear, independent and business-focused introduction
  • Language designed for non-engineers; particularly senior, commercial executives, investors, policymakers and other project stakeholders
  • Content developed by two complementary experts to review both internal and external project risk factors
  • A time-effective two-day programme (can be extended)
  • A highly interactive, conversational delivery style

Key Questions Addressed include:

  • What are the key drivers of risk and financial return in offshore wind projects?
  • Which policy and market trends are essential to consider in forward planning?
  • How will key emerging technologies, including floating and giant turbines, impact projects?
  • Which are the key delivery risks at various stages in a project’s life?
  • What is the “Rochdale Envelope” and why is it essential to future-proof project planning?
  • How are project delivery risks and external market environment risks interdependent?

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal if you are from…

  • The investment community
  • A policymaking, permitting or planning organisation
  • The offshore wind supply chain
  • An offshore energy project developer
  • Another key stakeholder organisation (e.g. NGO)