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An intriguing few days ahead and looking forwards to an especially illuminating session on day three: ‘Hydrogen Deployment in Europe: A Catalyst for Sustainable Energy Transition’

The #SustainableEnergyEU Summit Day 3. Today, the debates will revolve around projects within the #solar markets in Europe, opportunities in #offshore and #onshore wind, and the deployment of #hydrogen in Europe.

Gathering policy leaders, private sector, researchers and ministers of climate, environment and energy, the Summit delivers the latest project and policy updates from the region and mobilises new financing and investments.

Session 8: Hydrogen Deployment in Europe: A Catalyst for Sustainable Energy Transition

o Hydrogen Colours- making the right bet when it comes to competing alternative energy resources expected to improve future societies.

o Resources, Funds and Political pushes to look out for in today’s clean energy puzzle when choosing clean technology to invest in.

o How to transform Europe’s grid to new energy sources transportation and distribution.

o Weighing up risks and returns in new transition energy markets.

o UK Energy Networks in the Energy Transition: Opportunities and Challenges.