The City of London and the Hydrogen Economy

When I penned the course ‘Business Opportunities for the Hydrogen Economy’ for the DIT and Chambers of Commerce last year I little realised just how quickly the idea would gain traction.

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Today the entrepreneurial spirit was evident in the City of London and the Insurance Sector as I was able to kick off Hydrogen Day with a most enjoyable session moderating a panel of financial experts as they looked to ensure maximal engagement for London in an are area undergoing a quantum leap forward.’

The insurance industry had faced even more daunting challenges in the 1970s when a nascent oil and gas industry was being proposed for the UK and the success and experience gained there is transferable to the new UK and Global Hydrogen Economies. The opportunity, we heard is there to be seized.

Today’s session blurb proclaimed:

‘New Kids on the Block – Hydrogen Revolution

Renewables may be the fastest growing energy industry, but hydrogen is following closely behind. Is the insurance market ready for an increase in demand for insurance for construction of and operation of plants for hydrogen production?

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It’s so good be back in person and, as it the World Hydrogen Congress a short hop across the water in Amsterdam, I was delighted to see hundreds of professionals in front of me at 155 Bishopsgate, with, according to the organisers, hundreds of more following proceeding online.

My particular thanks to the panelists who showed agility of mind and helped make it such an interactive session, with questions coming in thick and fast:

Panellists: Andrew Herring, Chief Executive Officer, Energy and Power, Marsh Specialty

Andrew Threadgold, Executive Director, Price Forbes & Partners Ltd

Michel Krenzer, Global Leader – Onshore Energy, SCOR

My favorite question was possibly the final issue we addressed ‘Is there a moral obligation for insurers to support hydrogen and the energy transition’ with some emphatic and heartening answers emanating from the assembled experts.

If you would like to help drive the Hydrogen Revolution forwards feel free to join me and over 1800 companies and thought-leaders at the: Business Opportunities for the Hydrogen Economy  Professionals Group

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