‘The Future of Green Energy is Now’

Charley Rattan

Renewable Energy troubleshooter – Supporting and informing the global transition

Daresbury Science and Technology park this morning for ‘The Future of Green Energy is Now’ breakfast at their sleek and aptly named Innovation Centre.

Here are five things I learned:

L The Liverpool city region is engaged.  Mark Knowles, who heads the team, talked us through political and stakeholder drivers aiming for a slice of a burgeoning global market.

2. The Liverpool city region has been at the forefront of offshore wind from the very start in the UK and hosts several of the key companies involved in the global energy transformation. It is well- placed geographically and reaching out to the supply chain

3. The Liverpool city region is particularly keen to engage with small and medium enterprises who wish to grow and also those who want to enter the market. Renewable energy export sales are expected to grow 60 percent over the next five years.

4. The opportunity lies not just with offshore wind as Liverpool, and the entire North West region, is well placed for developments in hydrogen and tidal energy.

5. Preparatory work is underway including supply chain mapping and clustering supporting a longer-term ambition of forming consortia to challenge for major renewable energy projects.

The vision is achievable but challenging and all about numbers driving the case. Perhaps Liverpool can learn from the Swansea tidal lagoon disappointment to compete in the UK and globally. The prize is there, with a market estimated at a mindboggling £1.68 trillion at stake.

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