The Global Energy Transition – Oil and Gas 

In order to survive, the oil and gas industry must adapt to the global climate change reality.

We help the oil and gas industry and its supply chain as they pivot towards a new future based around offshore wind, hydrogen and ammonia.

Our early work helping to shape globally significant leasing rounds for the development of offshore wind in the UK means that we are uniquely placed to advise on opportunities and risks and offer a clear roadmap for investment and development.

We offer advice, consultancy, and tailored commissioned reports:

  • Tailored business advice on global and regional markets – special emphasis on UK round 4 and Scotwind
  • Sector specific oil and gas industry analysis for offshore wind and ancillary developments (hydrogen, batteries)
  • Appraisal of resources
  • Local supply chain capability and engagement
  • Facilitation of market entry for oil and gas investors
  • Board awareness sessions and dedicated offshore renewable energy training
  • The Ammonia opportunity
  • Staff training including the importance of the ‘renewables’ mindset
  • Technical input to portfolios

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