An early start today and a Breakfast seminar in central Manchester focusing on the UK Energy Outlook

To someone as steeped in ‘big six’ culture as yours truly, there should have been little to surprise as Phil McVan delved under the bonnet of recent energy policy changes to bring their meaning to life. The speaker made them relevant to businesses and organisations perhaps unfamiliar with industry trends which tend to drip through in isolation in the standard news agenda; Here is what I learned

Regrettably, for those anticipating a fall in electricity prices in the coming years, they will have to wait in vain. Without wishing to steal the speakers thunder as he goes national, it may be more realistic to soften impacts by being aware of what is coming, and planning for it now.

The big six themselves may be facing something of an existential crisis. There are many supply companies in the space they previously dominated, and people are switching.  In a digital age this is only going to get easier.  New entrants in the form of energy contract (PPA) traders are further eroding their core market

The startling rise of renewables means that the energy network will be very different going forward. The days of large power stations site near coal fields are over, and a more distributed and smart system is already replacing it.

Small and medium business can make informed choices and optimise their strategies by thinking about it now. Larger ones, faithful to their Corporate Social Responsibility agendas, are actively doing  this  via the  RE100 – RE100.

Finally, we are in the midst of an energy transformation, which some have even referred to it as the fourth industrial revolution. There is massive potential contained within it.

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