Zero Carbon: Business training for Manchester

Zero hour free tickets: here 

Following on from zero hour, and coming soon:

A series of day- long modules aimed at supporting businesses and especially SME’s on Manchester’s world leading route to Zero Carbon 

What your company needs to know about renewables

  • Energy – Not traditionally something of interest to non-sector companies
  • Medium and Smaller enterprises as a driver for wider political aspirations
  • Supporting your journey

Renewable Energy for SME’s

  • Wind, solar, battery and hydrogen integration along with IT advances   Virtual power stations
  • What this means for you?
  • Could you be a prosumer

Becoming a prosumer.  How to take part in the energy revolution

  • Identify your key energy applications, in detail, using data monitoring
  • Drill into the data to find answers and opportunities and looking to control
  • Leverage opportunities through IoT automation and controls – time shifting for details