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Supply chain – development and opportunities

The offshore wind and hydrogen industries are set to grow exponentially in the coming years, not just in the UK but globally as we head for net-zero. Things have changed; in order to gain the benefits of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal the industry must provide both local jobs and a local supply chain. Indeed, planning applications will not even be looked at unless they demonstrate how local opportunities will be provided along with evidence of likely contract values to be let.

The clear message is – adapt or die.

It is difficult for new supply chain entrants to gain access to the decision-makers within the offshore wind and hydrogen market. Often, larger more established companies are favoured, and the engagement process itself can be daunting with its requirements to navigate a plethora of health and safety requirements, ISO accreditation and onerous portal-based applications.

Getting your offer in front of the right people can feel like an impossible task. With an unrivalled reputation as industry experts and influencers with up to the minute knowledge of trends and opportunities, we will get your product or service in front by the right people, so you get the best opportunity to profit from an industry worth an estimated 1.7 trillion dollars.

We are well-respected and recognised as innovators and facilitators within an extensive international network of the movers and shakers within the global energy transformation. This means we can leverage these trusted relationships to get you seen where you need to be seen, saving you weeks and months of painful attempts to engage at the right level.

Services include

  • Market opportunity report
  • Facilitate direct meetings with your target clients
  • Moderation and public event hosting
  • Promote your offer through our ongoing industry commentary and thought leadership
  • Link your offer with key industry influencers
  • Engage your target audience through original content articles on a range of platforms
  • Respond to consultations
  • Speak on your behalf at key events
  • Produce engaging podcasts, video and broadcast
  • Represent you at conference and trade events

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, talk to us today and let’s get you in front of the right people.

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