The offshore wind and associated hydrogen sectors are experiencing dramatic and sustained growth. In the core UK base even the most conservative of estimates show a quadrupling of the UK industry by 2030.

Such a dramatic expansion provides opportunities for the existing and future supply chains and for those wishing to work within it.  It can be overwhelming for those outside the somewhat tightknit renewables world to gain a foothold.  How do we learn of the opportunities? How do I talk to the right person in the organisation?  How do we learn enough about the industry to make informed choices?

We can help your organisation understand the drivers and nuances impacting your bottom line in an industry where new entrants are announced on a weekly basis. Fifteen years’ experience as a practitioner and a wide network of trusted associates enables us to bring deep and sometimes counter-intuitive insider knowledge to the learning process.

Training clients include consenting authorities, corporate investors, national governments and SME’s wishing to engage with the market.

All our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs and we can design and deliver bespoke courses on a wide range of subjects, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Current subject areas include:

  • Hydrogen for offshore wind – a relatively new innovation which is now being actively trialled by the offshore wind industry and may lead to a springboard for a whole new hydrogen-based economy
  • Managing risk for offshore wind
  • Hydrogen Safety for major projects
  • Ammonia and hydrogen
  • Offshore wind and hydrogen for America
  • The new hydrogen economy – a practical guide for market entrants.
  • Lessons learned for offshore wind – from prospecting, developing, implementation, construction right through to decommissioning
  • Floating offshore wind – focusing on a new technology which is rapidly gaining maturity with operational sites in Scotland and is expected to open deeper water sites close to major conurbations in the near future.
  • Joint ventures – a customer-driven specialist course assessing the realities of JV projects.

Please contact us for an informal chat about how we can  help or call us on 07702 023354