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Wind and Hydrogen Consultancy and Training

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Hydrogen – the essentials. Everything you need to know in 90 minutes!
Online seminar - 23rd March 2023, 15.00 GMT

The energy world is changing - don’t get left behind. This 90-minute online seminar led by Charley will provide an essential overview of the emerging hydrogen economy and is designed to be accessible and relevant to anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of this exciting, fast-growing new sector - no specialist knowledge required!

Charley Rattan Associates

Whether you are looking to invest in, acquire, develop, build or operate within the green energy and hydrogen market, we can provide you with the insider knowledge and direction you need to navigate the often-confusing maze of information, opportunities and risks that exist in the emerging clean energy landscape.

Charley Rattan Associates provide time-effective, independent, online or face to face training along with business and consulting services to help supply chain companies, technology innovators, policymakers and investors to identify and secure new business opportunities.

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As we move towards zero-carbon, new applications for hydrogen promise to transform the way we live, work and do business. Our guidance, based on real-world knowledge, will help you profit from these new markets and opportunities 

Business Advice

In order to survive industry must adapt to the global climate change reality.With real world project involvement we are uniquely placed to advise on opportunities and risks and offer a clear roadmap for investment and development.

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Ammonia and hydrogen

An expert led one-day course exploring the challenges and opportunities for stakeholders and those interested in entering supply chains for the ammonia economy – potential

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Floating Wind & Hydrogen

This course provides participants with a clear understanding of the key issues around Wind and Hydrogen and further investigates possible scenarios and its pivotal role

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Philip George

If there is anything Charley doesn't know about the industry then it isn’t worth knowing!

Satya Raju

What a great job you did during your presentation! You kept every member of the audience hanging on your every word. That was absolutely awe-inspiring. I wholeheartedly appreciate all your efforts.

Julia Stepfield

He's really friendly and approachable and has blown my mind with his knowledge of hydrogen markets, investment trends, strategies, safety issues and technologies.

Tarek Hachem

Just want to re-iterate how valuable your webinar was! It was very informative and I am thankful for your time and effort.

Johnathon Smale

Well done again today - so often the technical side have no idea how to communicate, you certainly prove that you can!

Simon Shuker

A great presentation this afternoon - I think you should be on telly explaining this upcoming hydrogen revolution to the masses, you definitely have the gift for it!


I just want to say thank you for sharing all the great content around Hydrogen. I have gone from zero to somewhat of an understanding thanks to you.