Charley Rattan, Offshore wind energy trainer:

  • Joining the global offshore wind market?  De-risk the process through lessons- learned.

  • Does your business need expert training on offshore wind, floating offshore and the production of hydrogen?

  • Require offshore wind business advice?

  • Do you need to know about the hydrogen and zero carbon future?

Training from a seasoned professional:

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Charley Rattan 

Sharing hard-won lessons learned from two decades as an insider leading on successful ‘Mega’ Projects with EON, SSE and Shell.

I provide high quality renewable energy training for clients including multi-nationals, corporates, and US-based BOEM

Courses are underpinned by hands-on project management and expertise:

Offshore wind energy training includes:

Board level strategic business advice

  • New and emerging technologies and their integration

  • Offshore wind market entry, business analysis, development and intelligence.





Respected as an industry professional with a reputation for managing major projects, I understand the problems, pitfalls and opportunities, offered by schemes.

Instrumental in gaining consent for hundreds of MW of wind energy generation I can help your organisation do the same.

Call: 07702 023 354

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