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Hydrogen – the essentials. Everything you need to know in 90 minutes!

Online seminaravaialable on request

The world is changing – don’t get left behind. This 90-minute online seminar led by Charley will provide an essential overview of the emerging hydrogen economy and is designed to be accessible and relevant to anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of this exciting, fast-growing new sector – no specialist knowledge required!

Includes Q&A opportunity with Charley

Places are strictly limited.

As we move towards net zero, new applications for hydrogen promise to transform the way we live, work and do business. Emerging technologies will revolutionise the way we think about energy, heating, transport and energy storage; creating a new economic infrastructure and supply chain where huge opportunities await as the hydrogen economy grows exponentially across the globe in the coming years.

Charley Rattan Associates is often approached by clients to help them navigate the often-confusing maze of information, opportunities and risks that exist in the emerging clean energy landscape. They understand that to stay relevant in this fast-changing world, it’s essential to have at least a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the impact of this new hydrogen economy; they know that it’s easy to get left behind.

Led by Charley Rattan, respected global hydrogen authority and industry insider Hydrogen – the essentials will provide this vital knowledge through a high-level exploration of the current and emerging global hydrogen economy and the opportunities it offers including:

  • Hydrogen risks
  • Commercial development, integrations, value and supply chain
  • Opportunities
  • Likely trajectories
  • Types of hydrogen and its derivatives

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