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Ammonia, Hydrogen and the Energy Transitions

The Idea Of Hydrogen As A Clean And Renewable Energy Carrier And Even Energy Source Is Nothing New. Industry Executives Globally Expect Hydrogen To Be A Significant Part Of The Energy Mix By
2030 And Are Heavily Investing In The Hydrogen Economy.

Ammonia ‘The Other Hydrogen’ Is Widely Used And Over A Hundred Ports Already Deal With It.  There Are A Number Of Technical And Economic Challenges That Need To Be Understood And Overcome Before Hydrogen Can Be Fully Realized As A Major Contributor To Energy Consumption And Reducing Global Carbon Emissions.This course has been developed to explore into best practices and solutions around ammonia and Hydrogen, covering challenges in and around production, storage, compression, infrastructure, distribution, transmission, and applications.

Through case studies, practical insights, and actual project experiences, this interactive session on Ammonia, Hydrogen and the Energy Transitions will cover all the information you need to assist you in your day-to-day work.

Utilising case studies, blueprint presentations and interactive discussions, we are committed in providing you with only practical and implementable solutions that can overcome your biggest challenges in hydrogen technology adoption and project implementation. As we move towards a zero-carbon future, synergies around ammonia – promise to transform the energy sector.

Combining these technologies can revolutionise the way we think about extracting energy; transport and energy storage – creating a new economic infrastructure and supply chains where opportunities await.

This course has been broken down into two online sessions each lasting approximately three hours.

This Course Includes:

  • Access to all two sessions each lasting approximately three hours
  • Deep dives into relevant and exciting case studies
  • Interactive format with dedicated Q&A sections with the trainer
  • Flexible access on any device
  • A certificate of attendance after full completion of the course


  • What is Green ammonia?
  • Potential role. (s) of ammonia in decarbonising the energy system
  • Green ammonia projects
  • Policy and regulatory perspectives – global initiatives and national nuances
  • Key stakeholder perspectives
  • Green ammonia project recent updates for World Hydrogen Leaders

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