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Wind & Hydrogen

This course provides participants with a clear understanding of the key issues around Wind and Hydrogen and further investigates possible scenarios and its pivotal role in decarbonisation and reaching net zero. Participants will be equipped with the necessary insight and skills to face future challenges in the wind, offshore wind and hydrogen industries and to put in place effective strategies for quantum growth in the interconnected industries as they move from a regional to global decarbonisation solution.

Join this course as we discover the dramatic growth of wind, especially offshore wind, and the pivotal role to be played across the globe by wind in all its forms and hydrogen. It consequently explores in-depth fundamental aspects of seabed characteristics, availability of supply chain, infrastructure, hybrid project design effects and integration of electrolysers on or offshore.

Course Benefits:
  • Gain in-depth fundamental aspects of seabed characteristics, availability of supply chain and infrastructure
  • Discover a number of case studies, including Projects PosHYdon and DolPHyn and the business opportunities
  • Look at the supply chain engagement and regeneration options around the coast and beyond
  • Explore innovations helping bring down the LCOE and look at future leasing rounds for the alternatives available
  • Investigate business strategies that countries can put in place to position themselves in a decarbonized industry
This Course Includes:
  • Access to all three sessions each lasting approximately three hours
  • All session recordings & any course materials covered during the course
  • Interactive format with dedicated Q&A sections with the trainer
  • Flexible access on any device
  • A certificate of attendance after full completion of the course

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